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High above the first bench, sits a second bench with the same desirable microclimate conditions. This hidden gem took two years to clear of stumps and rocks as well as to create a planting layout to maximize sun exposure and vine volumes. With the assistance of Alain Sutre and Philippe ... Read More


While the land where SOAHC Estate Wines is situated had the desired conditions, much of the 150 acres was in deep disrepair and despair. Five years was spent removing acres of junk metal, tires and general garbage. Then the focus was on mixed growth trees to be logged ... Read More


Hugh is the founder of the Josephine Porter Institute in Virginia USA. It is the largest supplier of biodynamic preparations in the world. For several years Hugh has been a mentor to Jamie and has been his teacher in learning how to make his own preparations. Jamie has visited the ... Read More


Born in France and raised on the family vineyard Alain is the owner and general manager of Ertus Consulting in 2000. Sutre specializes in vineyard and winery project management, global analysis of agricultural farms and the analysis of the entire wine production process. His team focuses on complex projects and ... Read More


While the owner of the future SOAHC property understood the reasons for years of climate testing on his property, the owner was still not ready to sell when the decision was made as to the location of SOAHC Estate Wines. It took Jamie Fochuk more than 2 years to work ... Read More


To find a piece of land worthy of his vision, Jamie used all his free time and any money he had travelling throughout southern BC. He would bike, kayak, borrow friends’ vehicles and hitchhike, cajoling land owners and government representatives to let him take soil samples and erect weather stations ... Read More


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