Jamie Fochuk

Jamie Fochuk, founder and General Manager of SOACH, comes from a long line of farmers and stewards of the land. At the age of 18, he travelled from Ontario to the west where his appreciation of wine unfolded.
Jamie studied at both Guelph and Brock Universities where his natual viticulture talent resulted in perfect scores time after time. He was encouragd to take his clasroom knowledge to practical application.

Over the course of 7 years he worked at five different wineries across the country where he had the opportunity to plant, prune, harvest and produce. In addition, Jamie has spent years educating himself about biodynamic farming and has earned the respect and support of world-renowned viticulture and biodynamic experts.

Alain Sutre

Born in France and raised on the family vineyard Alain is the owner and general manager of Ertus Consulting. Sutre specializes in vineyard and winery project management, global analysis of agricultural farms and the analysis of the entire wine production process. His team focuses on complex projects and quality-driven programs. Alain has assisted Jamie in determining types of grapes to grow, when, where and how to plant each variety and the process of making the wine from particular grapes.

Philippe Armenier

Philippe Armenier is considered to be one of the foremost practitioners of biodynamic farming in the world. Dissatisfied with the results of decades of chemical farming on his family’s wine estate, which had robbed the soil of its life, Philippe looked for alternatives. Philippe converted his vineyards, Domaine de Marcoux in Chateauneuf du Pape to Biodynamic® practices beginning in the late 1980’s. The results were obvious in the vineyard, where the soils sprung to life, as well as in the winery. The estate and the wines it produces has since risen dramatically in stature. Philippe has been invaluable in directing Jamie on biodynamic techniques to use in his vineyard.

Hugh Courtney

Hugh is the founder of the Josephine Porter Institute in Virginia USA. It is the largest supplier of biodynamic preparations in the world. For several years Hugh has been a mentor to Jamie and has been his teacher in learning how to make his own preparations. Jamie has visited the Institute several times and relies on Hugh’s wisdom and knowledge which goes far beyond biodynamics.


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