SOAHC Estate Wines is one of the first vineyards in North America to leverage the biodynamic process from inception.

Based upon the early 1930’s writings of Rudolph Steiner, Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic approach that combines intense natural practices commonly found in organic farming along with the addition of unique preparations intended to stimulate plant and biological life. This, in turn, brings the farm into balance with the natural rhythms of the constellations. Biodynamic agriculture is a way of living, working and relating to nature and the vocations of agriculture based on good common-sense practices including a consciousness of the uniqueness of each landscape around us.

Biodynamic farming utilizes the natural elements around us to maintain a united balance of plant, animal and mineral to build strength in plants from the soil upwards. These elements are portrayed in the SOAHC logo: Air, Earth, Water Sun/Fire.

The role of Chaos
Chaotic patterns show up everywhere around the world, including cloud patterns, the currents of the ocean, the flow of blood through fractal blood vessels, the branches of trees, astronomy, epidemiology, and the effects of air turbulence.

Chaos theory states that, under certain conditions, order and regular patterns can be seen to arise out of seemingly random, erratic and turbulent processes.

What does chaos have to do with the vineyard and the winery?

One of the key principles of biodynamic farming is to harness energy from nature. This is probably best exemplified in the stirring process creating vortices which increase oxygen and give water a potentized force. When stirring any mixture, you create a vortex, only to then create chaos by changing directions, and then, out of chaos, you create another vortex.


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