The destiny of our land was set into motion over 40 million years ago. It started with violent volcanic activity followed by a harsh ice age during the Pleistocene era. But it did not stop there. Great floods arrived shortly afterwards depositing rich lake sediments throughout the surrounding area. Over the next 10,000 years the land’s potential was never really recognized until a young man from Ontario came across it just over a decade ago.

Founder Jamie Fochuk spent more than four years and all his available resources – even hitchhiking – to travel throughout southern BC to find such a perfect vineyard setting. After four years, he found a unique, tiny microclimate in the most unlikley of locations, resting on a series of benches running up the mountainside.

The Land
While years of geological testing and weather station data indicted this dramatic lanscape held incredible promise, much of the 150 acreas was in terrible disrepair. Over the course of 10 years, the focus was regeneration and rehabilitation of the future farmland.

Animal-friendly fencing was erected, vineland benches cleared and equipment roads developed. Then, the revitalization process began utilizing the biodynamic principals of farming developed in the early 1930’s. This consisted of calculated farming of specific crops starting with wildflowers and followed by a series of grains and finally potatoes. This was the beginning of what would be one of the first biodynamic farms from inception in North America.

To say SOAHC Estate Wines is different from other vineyards is truly an understatement. Everything has been designed with the well-being of others and our environment in mind. Every action that takes place around the farm is done with care and consideration.

Every creature and element of the farm plays an important role. From the bees and the spiders to the fruit trees and the thistles, they are all part of the plan.

For more than 15 years we have worked passionately to harness the gifts this landscape has to offer and with the utmost dedication and consideration, we have planned, planted and refined a vineyard that will produce the world’s finest grapes.

From hardship comes fertility. From Inspiration comes brilliance.


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